While stumbling through Old City Philadelphia, freshly filled up on cheese steaks we came across what from the distant looked & sounded like a full band rocking on the sidewalk. Living in cities will get you use to see street performers but when we got close what we saw was a guy with a crazy […]


future instruments

There is a brave new world of instruments hitting the scene that are becoming less and less recognizable as instruments. One of the newest is the Arc by the same people that made the Monome. The Arc is ultra-high resolution optical rotary encoders with push buttons to be technical, but are really so much more. […]


skid row garage

Tyler Jackson In the middle of one of the not-so-nice parts of York City, in an old converted garage known as Skid Row Garage, the whole Hawthorne Heights tour package from the United Scenes of America Tour played Tuesday night. The switch of venue from Allentown to York happened the night before the show and […]