Audacity: Counting the Days

Rad alt-rock with sweet chorus vocals and harmonized guitar solos. Catch them on tour in Japan.


Iron Reagan: Your Kids An Asshole

Your Kid’s An Asshole.


Bad Cop: Wish You Well

This preview of the new free Bad Cop ep ‘Wish You Well … and Goodbye’ has a ton of influences pack into 2 min. and 41. secs of rad sweetness.


Cured Pink: As Enderie Nuatal

if you took hallucinogens and wandered into a public space while they started kicking in – it would probably sound like this.


Darlia: Napalm

Darlia is a band from Blackpool, UK that sounds like the bastard child of Nirvana and Oasis.


Ice Balloons: Hole In The Ground

Imagine a psychedelic grunge band with a lead singer wearing a ’The Fly’ mask and you have Ice Balloons. Check out their Bruce Lee video for this track.


Thom Yorke: A Brain In A Bottle

Good news for Radiohead Fans, the band has announced they are in the studio to begin work on their ninth studio album. As a bonus Thom Yorke has released a new album ‘Modern Boxes’ through BitTorrent (yea the torrent downloading service). Get It Here. This is the perfect album to listen to while you walk through the city at dusk.


Pronto: Red Flag

Pronto is a high energy punk/pop band from Melbourne, Australia. This track will make you nostalgic if you grew up listening to good music. Pre-order the album here.


Blood Sister: Ghost Twin

This new track from Blood Sister is just good, loud lo-fi rock at its best. Perfect day cruise music.


Slaves: Hey

Slaves has everything you (or we) want in a band. Not a ton of members (2 piece), angry, fast, distorted and with a wild live show. Definitely check out more from this band.


Julian Casablancas The Voidz: Where No Eagles Fly

Julian Casablancas (singer from The Strokes) is back with his new band the Voidz. ‘Where No Eagles Fly‘ is off their new album Tyranny thats out September 23. It marks a different direction for Julian to go with at Nirvana/Marilyn Manson/Mindless Self Indulgence vibe that is sounding pretty awesome.


Cult of Youth: Empty Faction

Cult of Youth is back with a new album which they say sounds like “post-industrial Pet Sounds”. Singer Sean Ragon reportedly wrote some of his lyrics while in jail, and the band used actual human bones as percussion. Need I say more?


No Devotion: Eyeshadow

You might have herd that the lead singer of Lost Prophets turned out to be a pedophile which really screwed the band’s image along with the remaining members of the band. Instead of calling it quits the remaining members of Lost Prophets have teamed up with former singer of Thursday, Geoff Rickly, to make this super group No Devotion.


Fat White Family: I Am Mark E Smith

First off ‘Fat White Family’ is one of the coolest band names I’ve herd recently. Second this song is meant to be a soundtrack to something – what exactly, I’m not sure of yet – but I know it’s at night and the camera is slowly pulling back from a character that is slowly draging on a cigarette. The track will be released via 10″ single on October 27 and will be backed by new B-side ‘I Am Joseph Stalin‘.


Electric Wizard: Sadiowitch

Doom legends Electric Wizard are back with a vengeance with their new record Time to Die. You can always count on them for the chuggiest grooves possible. They also have the best URL around:


RETOX: This Should Hurt A Little Bit

If you play this song by RETOX loud enough it might burn down your house. It’s off a split with another great band Narrows.


Single Mothers: Marbles

We’ve posted a song by Single Mothers before and went on and on about how they kick ass live bla bla… Here’s the thing though, these dudes ARE the realist mother fuckers live – I would even go as far as to say top 5 shows I’ve seen. This is the first single off their new album ‘Negative Qualities’ due out the beginning of October. Check them out on their North American tour.


Death From Above 1979: Government Trash

When Death From Above 1979 first announced they would be releasing a new album they added a loop of a bad ass riff to their website that played as soon as you loaded the site. This newest single from their upcoming September release ‘The Physical World’ is the song that bad ass riff is from.


Youth Code: Consuming Guilt

Punk rock from the future.


Creepoid: Yellow Wallpaper

If you want to drive at night and pretend you are back in the 90s this new track ‘Yellow Wallpaper’ by Creepoid is the perfect soundtrack.


Död Mark: Vit Sprit

Want to know what digital grunge sounds like? Introducing Död Mark from Sweden. Not a ton is known about Vit Sprit (which roughly translates to white booze) since it’s internet debut 2 months ago but supposedly this is Yung Lean’s (Swedish rapper and record producer) new punk band.


The Black Angels: Evil Things

This tough-as-shit song is off The Black Angels‘ last record Indigo Meadow. They are chock full of righteous riffs dressed up by keyboards resurrected from the doors which is then layered with huge lofi sounding vocals. translation: dope. Check out their 2014 release ‘Clear Lake Forest‘.


Girl Band: De Bom Bom

These dudes from Ireland keep bringing awesomeness. Here’s the newest track from Girl Band with the same chaos and cut up sound they’re becoming known for.


Una Bèstia Incontrolable: Nou Món

Here’s some heavy stuff from Barcelona, Spain by Una Bèstia Incontrolable. The texture of the instruments on this track including the vocals is perfect.


The Picturebooks: Your Kisses Burn Like Fire

Ready for some slow heavy hitting biker rock? You’ve come to the right place.


Every Time I Die: Decayin With The Boys

There are not menu bands out there that deliver great albums consistently – Every Time I Die is one. There new album ‘From Parts Unknown’ is just another example of how fucking great this band is. Check out the video.


Designer: Tommys Guns

Designer is hard to put in a genre but maybe it’s experimental psych-punk? Either way it’s pretty awesome and out there. Imagine if Q and Not U got wasted with The Locust. Hear more here.


The Vines: Metal Zone

Remember these guys? They’re back – It sounds rad. Donate approximately $9 or more to the band’s PledgeMusic page and get 3 new songs for free.


Death From Above 1979: Trainwreck

One of the best bands of all time Death From Above 1979 is back with their new album The Physical World, after almost 10 years. Here’s the first single ‘Trainwreck‘, to hold us off till September.


Antemasque: Hangin in The Lurch

Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala (At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta) have joined forces with Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) to make this super group. Needless to say, it’s pretty fucking cool.


Waterbodies: What the French Call Les Incompéntent

Waterbodies has a great sound and also named a song after a line from Home Alone – pretty rad.


Destruction Unit: Dust

Destruction Unit just released this song for free through Adult Swim and it sounds like a sonic sand storm in space.


Jay Reatard: Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

If you were in a band when you were younger the first song you probably covered was Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit, it was probably shitty but was fun either way. Covering a Nirvana song is easy, covering a Nirvana song well is really fucking hard. Jay Reatard covering Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle is one of those rare, amazing times that you can stomach a Nirvana cover.


HSY: Phantasm Blast

Want to hear the best bass tone you’ve ever herd ever?
Thought so.


Spoon: Rent I Pay

Here is the first single off Spoon’s new album They Want My Soul. Check out the video here.


TILTS: Touchdowns

TILTS is another project by Andrew Elstner of Torche. Reminds you of Torche with maybe a little more pop to it. This is off their second LP, Cuatro Hombres.


The Cutthroats 9: Hit The Ground

The Cutthroats 9 is a heavy bluesy grunge band headed by the singer/guitarist of Unsane Chris Spencer. The project was originally a way for Chris to let off some steam outside of Unsane but now is back with a new album Dissent which is their first album release since the early 2000s.


United Nations: Serious Business

United Nations is fucking brutal and their new album The Next Four Years will lay waste to all the crap you’ve been listening too.


Lazer/Wulf: Beast Reality (Center Piece)

Lazer/Wulf is an instrumental monster with a new album The Beast of Left and Right coming out on July 15th. The record was created as a palindrome, with songs mirroring each other as backwards versions. This song, Beast Reality, is the “Center Piece”.


What Moon Things: Doesn’t Make Much Sense

This Track is the first release off What Moon Things’ new record and also seems like it’s the first release off their new label Hot Grits out of Athens, GA. The Contrast throughout this song is great and the huge fuzz tone is perfect.


Radioactivity: World of Pleasure

This song by Radioactivity will immediately lift your mood. Nothing like good lo-fi punk with a catchy melody. This is off their self titled debut and the whole thing is awesome, go check it out.


Wytches: Wire Frame Mattress

The Wytches are an English three-piece that sounds like surf rock from Seattle in the 90s. They’ll be in the states in July with METZ & Cloud Nothings, which is an incredible lineup, so get your tickets now.


Slavve: Pity Party

Slavve is a loud ass two piece from Brooklyn made up of singer/guitarist Chuka Chukuma and former Surfer Blood member Marcos Marchesani. The new self-titled EP was recorded in just two days and sounds massive.


Drenge: Blood Sports

Drenge is an English two-piece grunge band made up of two brothers. They’re about to go out on a short run with Real Estate in the UK but have nothing planned for the US at this point. Let’s get the word out and get these guys over here.


Mr. Oizo: Stunt

At the tale end of last year Quentin Dupieux released a movie called ‘Wrong Cops’ that had actors like Eric Wareheim from Tim & Eric, Marilyn Manson and Stevie from Eastbound & Down. It’s like Pulp Fiction but weirder, funnier and with an awesome electro soundtrack also done by Quentin aka Mr. Oizo who you might know from this video. This is off the soundtrack and is referred to as a bad song throughout the movie but is actually really rad.


Mr. Oizo: Tricycle Express

This is another track by Mr. Oizo but from a previous movie of his called ‘Rubber‘ which is about a telekinetic tire that explodes people’s heads. Check out the trailer here.


Red Fang: The Meadow

Scion AV recently helped Red Fang release a 7-inch with this new track. It’s available for free online and also at the bands merch table. Check this heavy madness out.


Fu Manchu: Dimension Shifter

Fu Manchu is back with a new album after five years and it’s pretty awesome. This opening track off the album sounds like it wold be on Metallica’s Kill Em All. The album artwork is pretty amazing too.


The Faint: Evil Voices

The Faint are back. It’s always good when a band that’s been around for awhile comes back with awesome new music. This new track is grungy rock but still holds true to their electronic sound. They’re on tour now and are insane live.


Jack White: Lazaretto

Jack White pulled off the fastest released record with this track for Record Store Day. He did a live-in-studio performance and released the record to the crowd three hours and 21 minutes later. The track starts off like a groovy White Strips song but at the tail end it gets a little wild with some electronics and what sounds like a gypsy violin solo.


The Skull Defekts: The Known Unknown

Put this song from Skull Defekts on loop, with a riff like that you don’t want it to end. They’re from Sweden (which is why they’re so dark and cool) but recently have acquired Daniel Higgs from baltimore’s Lungfish.


Pontiak: Innocence

I want to drink whiskey in a biker bar in slow motion every time I hear this song. Pontiak is a band of three brothers from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. If the movie Easy Rider was updated this would be part of the sound track.


PUP: Guilt Trip

PUP’s new album has a nostalgic punk rock feel that’s perfect for summer. It’s rare that you come across a record that is so solid and cohesive all they way through. Go get it.


Truckfighters: Mind Control

Truckfighters have been kicking out bad ass desert rock for awhile now and they’re back with another solid album that is a necessity for any cruise this summer.


Odonis Odonis: Order in the Court

We’ve had Odonis Odonis on gpR before but this new song seems to be switching things up a bit. This track has the same feel and chaos as Femme Fatale (not the Brittany Spears album, the precursor band to DFA79)


Greys: Guy Picciotto

Greys have been hailed as the new Fugazi (newgazi) but as much as I can see the comparison they’re their own breed of madness. Definitely a band to keep your eye on.


Blood Red Shoes: Wretch

Here is a B-side to the most recent release from Blood Red Shoes, a punchy 2 piece from Brighton, England.


OBN IIIs: No Time for Blues

Orville Bateman Neeley III is the James Brown of punk rock blues.


Mutoid Man: Gnarcissist

Mutoid Man has everything we like in a band, speed, chaos, o and members of Converge/All Pigs Must Die. They’re still relatively new but this shit is pretty fucking promising. Also listen to their track “Scavengers”.


Generation Loss: Enter The Void

Generation Loss sounds like a ripping punk band that you saw last night at a kegger/house-show. Great tape sound and driving tracks.


White Lung: Drown With The Monster

We’ve talked White Lung before. What you need to know: Great punk rock, the singer is a babe and this song rips.


Obnox: Molecule

Obnox sounds like more accessible Death Grips mixed with NIN from Ohio stay-at-home dad Lamont “Bim” Thomas.


Dead Fader: Altar Ego

This is off Dead Fader‘s upcoming 12″ Cover. Really good morning rise electronic with an erie feel. Pre-order Here.


Olga Bell: Perm Krai

Olga Bell is an amazing musician from Dirty Projectors that packs her tracks full of craziness. The lyrics are all in Russian and roughly about a group of people getting a battle speech.


Dances: Rat

Dances is a New York 3 piece with an impossible to google band name and some wicked psych-rock-punk. Check out this track from their upcoming release on Black Bell Records this summer.


The Weaks: How to Put an Audience to Sleep in Under Two Minutes

The Weaks record this song is from is called ‘The World Is A Terrible Place & I Hate Myself And Want To Die‘. Enough said, I like these guys.


Radkey: Start Freaking Out

Radkey is 3 rad brothers playing punk rock from Missouri. Their sound is full of classic punk like Pennywise, Danzig, Death etc – all the good stuff. They just came out with a new record this song is on called Devil Fruit.


Radkey: Cat & Mouse

We decided to double up on Radkey just in case you’re new to them, here’s a track off their previous record called Cat & Mouse.


Cloud Nothings: Wasted Days

Here’s a powerful track from Cleveland rockers Cloud Nothings off their 2012 release Attack on Memory. Keep an eye out for their new record Here and Nowhere Else due out in April.


Direct Effect: []

Get a wicked punch of punk/metal to your face courtesy of Direct Effect. Check out their video for this track here.


Fuzz: Loose Sutres

Ty Segall has done it again with his band Fuzz. At first listen you might lump Fuzz into a category with surfer rock-ish / Tame Impala sounding bands but keep listening. This track takes a fucking amazing dive into Black Sabbath / Led Zeppelin league fuck-your-sister RocknRoll. Then they seem to break the song as much as possible only to lead up to an explosive finish. This is probably amazing live.


La Dispute: Stay Happy There

La Dispute is back with a great new record. There is nothing like having a band you’re really into not trying to reinvent themselves but rather continue and expand on the awesomeness that made you like the band in the first place. High fives La Dispute for staying true. (listen for the references and progression of the ‘coffee on the stove’ in the lyrics)


Girl Band: Lawman

Girl Band, who are actually dudes from Ireland, has to be our new favorite band. With a sound that can be described as experimental-punk-grunge, these guys are paving the way for what good music will be in the future. Their songs are a mad man with complete control, organized chaos, insanity on rails. Be sure to check out their previous record France 98 and order the limited edition 7” of this track on their band camp.


Protomartyr: Scum, Rise!

Protomartyr is a Detroit band that brings us dark racing post-punk that is the soundtrack to your favorite nightmare.


Mendon Kissling: Talking About Dogs

Mendon Kissling makes really catchy music his way. His songs are sincere and because he records with tape they have a warm realness to them that will give any Daniel Johnston fan the ups. Check out his latest EP, Necrotic Mutox, on bandcamp along with other past tracks that are just as good.


Morgan Delt: Obstacle Eyes

Here’s another tape release from Cali singer-songwriter Morgan Delt. Obstacle Eyes is great psych pop track that will remind you of Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

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